Parish Path


The countryside of Kings Walden Parish is beautiful and varied. The Parish Path uses footpaths which have linked farms, hamlets and villages for centuries. There are wonderful reaching views across the Mimram valley. You will be guided through arable farmland, grazing pasture, woods and parkland. Rich in wildlife keep a look out red kites, buzzards and kestrels in the air as well as more common countryside birds. While hare, badgers (at dusk), deer and muntjack (a small relative of the deer), are a common site at ground level.

The Kings Walden Parish Path is seven miles in length, circular and takes a seasoned walker around two and a half hours to complete. The path is shown on the map with a solid red line. As seven miles may seem a little daunting, there is a shorter alternative route of four miles. The changes for the shorter walk are indicted on the map by the broken red lines. Allow at least an hour and a half for this shorter route. The Path is way marked both clockwise and anti-clockwise, the way markers are green and white discs with directional arrows. Please note that the shorter route is not way marked. However by using the map it is pretty easy to follow the footpaths.

There is village shop at Ley Green which, as well as selling daily essentials, also serves coffee. There are three pubs en route: The Plough at Ley Green, The Red Lion at Breachwood Green and The Fox at Darley Hall.