Local Area Information 2016

Fly Tipping Problem In Our Area

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David Furr and Councilor Faye Frost next to a fly-tip found this week on the A505 slip road near Offley.

Fly-Tipping in Rural North Herts : Who are you going to call?

We have beautiful villages and countryside in our area of North Herts.

Where there are secluded wooded areas and picturesque countryside there will often be fly-tippers too.

Recent incidents of fly-tipping include two men recklessly depositing a garage door in the Lilley area, massive tipping, close a lane near Ley Green, many tyre deposits, and waste being fly-tipped behind the Red Lion Pub in Offley.

Living in a rural area, we are all too aware of the detrimental effects of fly-tipping on our environment and on the local wildlife. We also know that it is a blight on our countryside, and a serious crime.

Do you know who to call if you witness an incident?

North Herts District Council has a team of Environment Officers. David Furr can often be seen patrolling our lanes and villages. He is dedicated to investigating incidents of fly-tipping.
If you find evidence in fly-tipped waste or would like to report someone acting suspiciously in your local area, you can contact David Furr on 01462 474 829 and he will be happy to discuss your concerns and issues.

However, if you actually witness a fly-tipping incident in progress you should call the police on 999.

We can all play a part in helping to prevent fly-tippers. Remembering to check the credentials of workmen is a good place to start. Genuine tradesperson will carry a waste transfer licence, which means they will dispose of household and commercial waste responsibly. If your waste is tipped by a third party, you may still be responsible!

North Herts is beautiful,…. together we can help keep it that way.

Councillor Faye Frost