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This newsletter is brought to you by the Parish Council and the Connected Counties team, a joint enterprise between Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire County Councils to deliver superfast broadband in our counties.


The Improvement Team at Herts County Council have announced that the survey work had already been completed for the Kimpton exchange and work is being undertaken at this moment on the first of 4 green boxes attached to this exchange. Box 3, which will serve Breachwood Green,  and is sited on the corner of Oxford Rd and Lower Road will serve 297 houses in BWG and give a speed of 80 mbps or 25 if you are further away from the box – and best of all work should be finished by end of June!

For those on Offley exchange, they have just started the survey work – determining where to site the green boxes, which need power, and possibly approval from Highways or landowners.  Following the completion of this survey – work will begin and should all be completed and up and running by the end September.  Also you might get fibre optic right up to your house if you are to far away from the said green box..

Connected Counties has won an extra £700,000 funding which allowed the roll out to Offley now in Phase 5 (Kimpton was Phase 3 ) and has just been awarded a further £4million from central government which has been matched by HCC – so now has £8million to connect the rest of Herts/Bucks.   So shortage of cash is no longer the problem.

As there have been so many false hopes and prevarications over the last year or two, the chairman, Angel Herrmann, checked to see if they are still on course to achieve these goals and the following is their reply:

“We have encountered some difficulties in extending the network as it appeared this might involve a road closure – however having just discussed this with the programme manager in BT Openreach it would now appear we have identified another option to extend the network, and are currently exploring this possibility.

 As things stand, we remain confident of being able to see cabinet 3 go live by the end of June this year, at which point fibre services will become available to purchase from the cabinet. Given the current difficulties I am afraid we cannot rule out the possibility of delays, but rest assured we recognise the need for this in the local community and are actively working to ensure the cabinet is delivered on schedule.”

 So there is still good reason to believe that by early summer we, or those of you on the Kimpton exchange,  will indeed at last be out of the dark ages, but those of us on Offley will have to wait a little longer, but having waited so long, a few months more is a mere moment!

To keep up to date with any changes or difficulties that BT have encountered whilst delivering these services go to    and click on the Check availability tab and then Postcode and Line Checker and you can see exactly what has been happening to connect your address.