Highways is an all encompassing term covering many areas such as roads, f0otways, footpaths, bridle paths, and BOATS.

Motorways and trunk roads are maintained by the highways agency, while local roads are managed by the county council.

Broadly speaking, highways maintenance is managed in three ways:

  • Major repairs such as road resurfacing and safety improvements are managed directly by the county highways department.
  • General repairs (such as potholes, trees, pavements, streetlights, road signs) are managed under contract by Ringway.
  • Footpaths and bridleways are managed by the county footpaths officer.

Fault Reporting

Faults should be reported to the county council, preferably using the fault reporting website: www.herts-direct.gov.uk/highways or by telephone to 0300 123 4044.

To see more about fault reporting see http://www.hertsdirect.org/docs/pdf/f/quickguidefr.pdf

Other Faults

If the fault is one of the following: Dog fouling, Litter or street cleaning, Off-road fly tipping, Permits or Paid Parking, Street nameplates, please contact your District or Borough Council

Parish Highways Plan

The parish council maintains a list of minor faults that would not normally get priority. If another maintenance project is being undertaken nearby, Ringway can fix these at the same time.

The Parish Highways Plan can be seen here: