Luton Airport Expansion

The council has responded to the Luton Airport Expansion Non-statutory Consultation and the noise survey.


The new swings are now installed at Breachwood Green play area.


The three vacancies for Parish Councillors: one for Ley Green ward and two for Breachwood Green ward have now been filled. Councillors Joe Graziano and Gary Jones, (Breachwood Green) and councillor Keith Ewington (Ley Green) were co-opted at the April meeting and will serve until elections in May 2019.


The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th September, 7.45 pm in Breachwood Green Village Hall.


The council has held the precept for the year 2018/19 at £67.98 per annum for a band D house. Planned expenditure has been reduced by saving on salaries due to reduced operating hours of the youth club but will increase to cover work on the recreation ground and play areas.


The annual safety inspection identified two items of equipment that were considered unsafe to use: the swings and the zip wire. With the benefit of a locality grant from County Councillor David Barnard, and a grant from the Luton and Bedfordshire Community Fund the ZIP wire has now been repaired along with a bench in the play area and some of the play equipment. New swings have installed. Due to vandalism, the fence between the play area and the MUGA has been removed while a more robust solution is sought.

Local Plan – Examination In Public

The Examination In Public of the North Hertfordshire Local Plan has now closed and the inspector has asked for some amendments which NHDC is preparing. None of the changes impact Kings Walden parish.

Youth Club

The youth club is open on Tuesday evenings September to November and March to July. See Youth Club

Someries Football Club

Someries Football Club has hired the recreation ground, Breachwood Green for the 2018/19 season and is looking for year 8 boys  Year 8 Boys Leaflet.
For more information please contact


Herts Residents Banned from Luton Waste Site

Luton Borough Council has taken the isolationist stance to ban residents from Breachwood Green (and indeed all Hertfordshire residents) from using the waste site at Eaton Green Road. The Parish Council has raised the matter with Luton Borough Council, and Hertfordshire County Council. The response from the county council was that, while they deplored the action, it was legal.

Speed Monitors – Heath Road and Darley Road

Herts County Council has installed speed monitors at Heath Road and Darley Road. The Parish Council has worked with Highways and Cllr Barnard to find the optimum location for these devices which hopefully will remind drivers of the correct speed limit and deter speeding in the village. The parish council is now seeking to reduce the speed limit between Darley Hall and Breachwood Green from the present 60 to 40 mph.

Your Parish Councillors

Serving councillors are: Cllr Amanda King (Chairman), Cllr Jon Chamberlin, (Vice Chairman), Cllr Liz Thurlby, Cllr David Bennett, Cllr Martin Rosser, Cllr Joe Graziano, Cllr Keith Emington and Cllr Gary Jones.

Community Transport Scheme

Do you, or do you know anyone, who needs  help with transport?

The CVS Community Transport Schemes help less able residents of North Herts & Stevenage solve their transport problems. We use a dedicated team of volunteers who all use their own cars in their free time to transport passengers who live locally to their required destination. All of our drivers are paid a mileage rate to cover the distance they travel which is currently paid at 45p per mile. There is a minimum charge applied for any trips undertaken. Please ask the Transport Coordinator for details. See

Youth Hut Toilet Access

The Parish Council, with support from Cllr David Barnard’s county locality budget has completed the work to allow external access to the youth hut toilets while the main youth hut remains sealed off.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme has for many years aided the police in maintaining order and fighting crime. The police operate an email news system called OWL (Online Watch List see Any one wanting to know more about you can help fight neighbourhood crime  should contact PCSO Heather Burrows (01707 354192) or  the  Herts Police website. The Ley Green Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator is Cllr Amanda Thompson who can be contacted at the shop in Ley Green.

Disabled Access and Lighting to MUGA

The council is pleased to announce that a new access path and lighting is installed. There is now a smooth stepless path to the MUGA from both the front of the village hall and, from the car park, around the back of the hall. Automatic LED lighting has been installed and this also lights the path to the Youth Hut. The path and lighting was installed with grants from Herts County Council and North Herts District Council and parish council funds.

 ActiveTogether – How fit are you?

Breachwood Green Active Together aims to provide opportunities for members of the community, the Parish and the surrounding villages to improve their health and fitness. Click here to find out more

Housing Needs Survey published

The Parish Council, in conjunction with CDA Herts, NHDC, and Hightown, Praetorian and Churches Housing Association has published the results of the recent housing needs survey. The survey is evidence of a need for about 12 “affordable” homes within the parish. The district council housing policy allows for small developments in the greenbelt under very special circumstances. Housing need, evidenced by a housing needs survey is such evidence. The full report can be read here: Kings Walden Housing Needs Survey June 2014 If you know of any suitable sites for small developments of social housing, please contact the clerk. The sites need to be accessible but can be green field or indeed Green Belt.

Parish Path Open

The Kings Walden Parish Path is open for walking. See the full map. The Parish Path is an ideal way to see the parish (and its three pubs are all on route). A sponsored walk, in conjunction with the youth club, is planned for November


Breachwood Green Multi-Use Games Area

Kings Walden Parish Council officially opened its Family Inclusive Sports Arena at Breachwood Green on Saturday 26th April. The Sports Arena includes a Multi-Use Games Arena (MUGA), an exercise area with outdoor gym equipment, outdoor table tennis and a Street Snooker court.

Launch compressed The ribbon was cut by Bobby White, captain of the UK Olympic handball team, who spoke about how this was a wonderful legacy from the 2012 Olympics. The £100,000 facility was constructed by Play Innovation and funded by grants from Sport England, Veolia, Beds and Luton Community Foundation, SITA, Herts County Council, Kings Walden Parish Council and private donations. Assisting Bobby in cutting the ribbon were Linda Candita (Beds and Luton Community Foundation), Marco Boi (Play Innovation), Peter Taylor (Veolia Waste Management), Cllr Angela Herrmann (Chairman, Kings Walden Parish Council) Cllr Jeremy Bretherton (Vice chairman KWPC), Cllr Faye Barnard (North Herts District Council) and many local residents and their children.